5 Practical Steps Every Couple Should Know to Overcome Wedding Delays During Covid-19 Pandemic

We know how overwhelming it is: the thought of re-planning your dream wedding that you’ve worked so hard for. Don’t panic, our dear couple, we’re here to  help clear your doubt by offering you our hand of assistance, in any ways possible. Here are 6 Practical Steps that you can follow to overcome wedding delays – because all you need to do is to Keep Calm & Plan Ahead!  

“Your main goal right now is to stay healthy, keep yourselves and your guests safe, and minimize loss and risk.”

1. Prepare a list and Contact All Your Vendors

If you have already decided a new date for your wedding, call your vendors immediately to do the necessary arrangements! Ten weeks within your scheduled event is a good leeway for your wedding planner, venue reception, and other wedding vendors to do any necessary changes. Don’t worry if you don’t have a new date yet – you can always discuss with your vendors on possible arrangements!

As your main budget is usually allocated to the reception venue, it is important to call up the venue first to discuss any available dates for your big day.

“There’s really no wrong answer here, and guests
will be very understanding considering the circumstances.”

will be very understanding considering the circumstances.”

2. Choosing Your New Wedding Date

I know choosing a wedding date had not been an easy task. And this time around, there are even more factors to consider! Here’s our list of people that you should check in with before setting a new wedding date: 

Your partner
Immediate family and close friend
Venue and Vendor

The key to overcome this hectic times is to communicate, communicate, and communicate! 

“I would recommend to consider having the ceremony and reception on two separate dates. If you’re hosting a new date within 2020, try inviting a smaller group of immediate families and closed friends to your ceremony, and a larger group for your reception.” from Priscilla, founder or Story & Matter.

3. Get in Writing 

Make sure your vendors are notified on your new wedding date. Even if you don’t have a new wedding date, your vendors should know that your wedding is to be postponed. It is also very important that you get a written confirmation from your vendors as well! One useful way to do this is via email.  

4. Inform Your Guests – If You Have Already Sent Out E-Invites/ Save The Dates 

Phew, at this point of time, you may have already have got a big part of your wedding in tack! With your vendors being communicated already – next is to inform your guests! 

Get the word out to as many guests as possible – as some may already have travel plans or booked hotel rooms for your big day. Try to go virtual: you can always get free “Change The Date Cards” online (Maybe you can add some links for wedding templates?) so that your guests are aware and knows any first-hand information from you!

5. If You Find It a Hassle/Difficult To Approach Vendors, Think of Hiring a Professional Wedding Planner:

Many small business enterprises are also suffering during this period. So when you approach a professional wedding planner, you are also helping these businesses as well! What a Win-Win solution! 


We know it may sound wild, but did you know couples around the world are transitioning their weddings online? Yes, it’s true! Digital reception have been made possible via video call applications like Zoom or Google Hangouts. Everyone can still pour their own glass of champagne, your Maid of Honor and Best Man can still give their toasts, and you can enjoy an at-home dance party using our own curated Wedding Playlists. If this is something you’re keen to explore as well, we’re happy to assist you make it come true.