We’ve watered the grass,
nurtured the plants to bloom,
and taught the birds to croon on this special day. 

Scott and Erica have known each other for 9 years. It all started with their workplace, where they were in different departments but most of the time working together. Erica is a designer while Scott is a 3D rendering director, so they share the same flair of art in appreciating the beauty of nature.

The arcade outside the dining hall was exquisitely located by a rippling pool. Wedding aisle was set at this tranquil site to hold the romantic wedding function of Scott and Erica. Story and Matter was excited to devote our passion, creativity and energy to the couple’s big day.

Wedding Team For Scott & Erica
Wedding Planner:  Story & Matter Events
Design & Stationery – Story & Matter Events
Actual Day Photography & Videography – Fabulous Moments
Ceremony Venue – RamaV
Reception Venue – Red by Sirocco
Decoration Production – Periwinkle Design
Bridal Bouquet – To The Florest
Live band & Emcee – DS Lifetime

Welcome Board and Petal Tossing Corner
The Vows Book
Scott & Erica ROM Ceremony
Scott & Erica ROM Ceremony
Scott & Erica Actual Day
Photo Gallery
Scott & Erica Dinner Reception